The birth of JAD

We, Ralf Heiler (left) and Thomas Kessler (right) are the founders of the Fighting Fashion brand JAD (Judo Art Design). We have been playing with the idea for many years to create a fashion brand dedicated to people who are passionate about martial arts. As athletes, we felt a need to express our devotion in a new way through a creative clothing brand. Unfortunately, this type of branding and fashion only existed in other martial arts such as boxing. 

The only possibility for us in Judo was to wear club T-shirts, which showed where we came from, but they did not let us express the special lifestyle feeling of Judo.

Expressing the fighting lifestyle

Following the examples of various brands in the skating and snowboarding sectors, which have managed to transfer their lifestyles into successful clothing lines, we founded JAD to make the fighting lifestyle more popular. 

At the same time, we want to use social media to support athletes in our affiliate program.

Production on demand

It is important to us that the clothes are produced sustainably and fairly. This way, they will represent our values of helping athletes and the planet. In the initial phase, we will offer products via a "production on demand" system. This lets us offer a wide range of products with many different designs to the customer. The clothes are produced only when they are ordered. The delivery time is a bit longer than usual (7-12 days). The quality of the clothes is high and there is no overproduction, which is good for the environment. 

We want to hear from you!

Please help us build the brand together and give the martial arts lifestyle a home in the fashion world.

We are grateful for any feedback from you to improve our products and your lifestyle!

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